Solar imaging with the MicroObservatory robotic telescopes

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Solar imaging with the MicroObservatory robotic telescopes

Post by rwilkinson » Wed May 07, 2014 10:42 am

Following up on Laura's question, it is after all possible to image the Sun using the MicroObservatory telescopes: ... .pl?id=SS7

But more interesting still, their archive contains large sets of image-data from the Venus transits, in particular the one two years ago: ... e=view&AC=
(The Transits of Venus are extremely rare events, occurring only twice every two centuries. I was lucky enough to watch the whole of the 2004 event from Bristol, but the "return match" in 2012 was clouded out on both sides of the Atlantic - but not in Arizona!).

I've just downloaded a sequence of 37 images from their telescope "Donald" in Arizona, covering the 20 minutes around "First Contact". After processing these in IRIS, I used IrfanView to convert the .BMPs to .GIFs and then unFREEz to create this animation:
Venus transit in June 2012 imaged from MO telescope "Donald" in Arizona, using ND4 filter - 37 frames over the first 20 minutes.
Transit2012_1stcontact.gif (3.89 MiB) Viewed 6801 times
If anyone would like some practice in solar image-processing, they have loads more data covering the first few hours of the event, up to local sunset...

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