Stuck in Hurricane Dorian

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Stuck in Hurricane Dorian

Post by DWatson » Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:54 am

:shock: :shock: :shock:
Arrived at the Hilton in Nassau Bahamas 2 days ago 8-)

1st night too jet-lagged to care about the stars+it was a tad cloudy.
2nd night it was brilliant; lying on a deck chair, binoculars in one hand and a large vodka and coke in the other; lovely 3 to 4 hours of star-gazing.

Then today the shit hits the fan....literally :o

For those that may not know me, i am a licensed radio ham (amateur radio) i decided to post a humorous message in the sand knowing that there is a webcam attached to the hotel....rather than putting my name in the sand i decided to put my radio ham callsign (G7DAZ) with the words above the callsign saying "SEND BEER" .....the next thing is my QRZ page (social media for radio amateurs) went mad....the webcam (normally chargeable) went viral due to people being concerned etc. about the hurricane and so the hosts PTZtv that show the live footage crashed due to the traffic; so they decided to put in on as LIVE "free" feed on YouTube for "Port Nassau Webcam LIVE from PTZtv -- Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas" and you will see my sand message in the bottom left hand corner ;)

Me and Michelle were sat in our hotel room when said "sand-message" popped up on an American TV program that is covering the hurricane....i nearly fainted with the excitement/shock :shock:

My e-mail has gone mad (due to QRZ page) and i find myself suddenly inundated with this that and the other.....WOW :D :D :D

Then later on i made it into the papers :shock: ... rian-hits/

and this one (although i think it's a copy of the other IMO) ... rian-hits/

All because of a message in the sand lol.

Getting rough out there; no star-gazing for me tonight.....sleeping maybe a tad difficult later on :roll:


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